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Flava / Исполнители: W / Warren G
The Return Of The Regulator
The Return Of The Regulator
The Return Of The Regulator
Исполнитель: Warren G
Альбом: The Return Of The Regulator
Год: 2001
Качество: 320 kbps
Количество треков: 16

1. Intro 3:36
2. Lookin' At You (feat. Toi) 4:15
3. Here Comes Another Hit (feat. Nate Dogg & Mista Grimm) 3:35
4. Somethin' To Bounce To (feat. Soopafly) 3:26
5. This Gangsta Shit Is Too Much (feat. Butch Cassidy) 3:47
6. Pump Up (Skit) 1:49
7. Young Locs Slow Down (feat. W.C. & Butch Cassidy) 4:24
8. Speed Dreamin' (feat. George Clinton & Mista Grimm) 5:04
9. Yo' Sassy Ways (feat. The 213 Reunion Of Warren G, Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg) 4:02
10. Deez Nuts Part II (Skit) 1:01
11. It Ain't Nothin' Wrong With You (feat. Mista Grimm, Boss Hogg & Damone) 0:26
12. Ghetto Village 3:56
13. They Lovin' Me Now (feat. Butch Cassidy & Boss Hogg) 4:10
14. Streets Of LBC (feat. Lady Mo) 4:13
15. G-Funk Is Here 2 Stay (feat. Mista Grimm & Kokane) 4:35
16. Keepin' It Strong (feat. El DeBarge) 2:52

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